Word to pdf


On your android phone install Word to pdf cpdmc.Find it now in the market click this link.

Fits for tablet.


  • On your phone enable wi-fi connection!
  • On your phone start app Word 2 pdf editor.
  • Type in the text area.

  • To add image tag click 'Add image' ...easy uu?
  • Click add url,type the web address of your image,
    or choose image from remote folder

  • You can choose text forground or background color

  • You insert a table,with border and cell spacing.

  • You can choose your font style or size.

  • To create pdf hit button 'Create pdf'.
  • To save your job hit button 'Save job'.The next app session will start with this saved text.
  • To see the pdf hit menu icon pdf.Or go to root directory of your archive.File is saved as newFile.pdf.