Word maker + OCR


On your android device install Word maker.Find it now in the market, click here

Fits for tablet.

Only Microsoft Office shows pictures.


Step by step what to do

  • On your phone enable wi-fi connection!
  • On your phone start app Word maker.
  • Press File and then 'Save as doc' to download in your sdcard/Download folder the document.
    Or press shortcut button with disk icon.
  • Type in the text area what you want.

  • App converts pictures with text to DOC file using OCR option
    Suppose you have a picture with text .

    Open Pics menu and tap on Optical character recognition
    Choose your file PNG/JPG (NO JPEG!)

    OCR process takes some minutes

    OCR result is displyed in your text area.

  • To add image tag click 'Pics' or Add image in old version.
  • To print your document, use share button and select your bluetooth/wifi printer

  • You can choose text foreground or background color

    Only office shows pics in your document and bullet list.
  • You can choose your font style or size.

  • To save your job hit button 'Save job'.The next app session will start with this saved text.
  • File is saved as newFile.doc in your sdcard/Download.
  • Toggles between "Bold" and "Normal" text.
  • Toggles between "Italics" and "Normal" text.
  • Toggles between "Underline" and "Normal" text.
  • Align left
    Your text will be left aligned as in this example.
  • Align Center
    Your text will be centered as in this example.
  • Align Right
    Your text will be right aligned as in this example.
  • Align Justify
    Your text will be justified by adding extra spaces, so that the left and right columns line up.