Connect to pc silently


On your pc install spy server. Requires Java installed. On your android phone install spy app client.Find it now in the market click this link. Firewall setup APP CANNOT WORK WITHOUT FIREWALL SETUP! ALLOW spycpdmc PROCESS IN YOUR FIREWALL.

Download spy server

How to install

Step by step what to do

  • Download spycpdmc.exe with the above button.
  • Click on spycpdmc.exe and allow to be executed.
  • An icon will appear in your right bottom corner. Your Spy server is running now.Click on this link to hide the icon
    Image 1
  • Right click on the icon and keep in mind your address.To be sure of your address click this link instructions
    Image 2
  • On your phone enable wi-fi connection!
  • On your phone start app spy desktop client.Download it from
  • Put address you see in image 2 in the address app box as below.To be sure of your server address click this link instructions
  • Click ok,wait connection, open menu and hit refresh.That's all.
    Your pc
    Your phone

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